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    [Look Here First] Photo Gallery Guidelines


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    [Look Here First] Photo Gallery Guidelines

    Post  Admin on Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:22 pm

    Welcome to the EMRA Forums Photo Gallery!

    The Photo gallery is a free location where participants can post events from past, present, or future EMRA events.

    In order to keep the experience positive for everyone, please read the following guidelines before posting:

    • Don't be afraid to start a new thread if you are posting your own photos from an event. Please do not piggyback or post photo responses to other people's galleries, unless your response is directly related to the original poster's photographs.

    • Please keep the photos PG-13. No explicit, pornographic, or NSFW photos are allowed on this forum.

    • Keep your comments and criticisms constructive!

    Remember, any threads or posts that violate these guidelines may be locked or removed by the discretion of the Moderators.

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