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    Preseason Tech and Competition Tech Questions


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    Preseason Tech and Competition Tech Questions Empty Preseason Tech and Competition Tech Questions

    Post  SBRacing on Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:57 pm

    hi all,
    I will be holding preseason tech inspections for race and TT cars at our shop in Medford on Long Island.
    Call or email to make an appointment as I dont want to make a set date, but we will be available from March 11 until the first event at Limerock. Weeknights and weekends are all doable, so get in touch and we can figure out a day that works.

    Also, we did not hold a competition board meeting this year due to the whole shake up of the board. As I looked at the rules and car classifications I realized that it had been changed within the last few years and there was some confusion and multiple classes for some cars. I am working to clarify all of this. Please for now use your last years class and if you have a question or concern please call or email.

    If you have any tech or car classification questions, and other competition issues that can be brought up and voted on at the board meeting, please email or call me and we will discuss them.

    Cory C
    Race Chair

    Larry C
    Chief of Tech

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