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    A note of thanks


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    A note of thanks Empty A note of thanks

    Post  luxige on Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:26 am

    At the recent NJMP event I ran into some major mechanical difficulties. I've been involved with EMRA for a few years now, so I wasn't too surprised at the reaction from the group. Everyone who heard about it commiserated of course, but all were also quick to offer their help.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank those who pitched in to help me. Many drivers offered good advice about troubleshooting the problem and about my options to get me and my car over 300 miles home. One driver suggested I use his ramps to safely get the car elevated. Several others let me dive into their toolboxes without hesitation. I got offers to shuttle me to town if I needed parts or supplies. When it turned out the car was probably not fixable, Ray Kaeser and Deb opened up their home and put me up Sunday night. Greg Kozuhowski and his nephew David Price transported me and the car back to MA. Greg was very flexible in adjusting his schedule to help me out. I highly recommend his service. I can't promise the very generous rate he offered me, but I'm sure he will take the same great care loading up your car and belongings.

    As I said, knowing this great group of enthusiasts, it's no surprise that these folks stepped up to help. But it was a huge relief to see it when I was in need.
    Many thanks!

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