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    Data coaching available at Pocono

    Oleg P
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    Data coaching available at Pocono Empty Data coaching available at Pocono

    Post  Oleg P on Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:14 pm

    Fancy title, but this is actually going to be very informal and best of all - free.

    This is going to be most useful to someone who does not have a data acquisition system yet, or has not used theirs for anything more than looking at lap times. I will talk about braking points, minimum corner speed, overbraking, acceleration points, smoothness and consistency. We will go through the graphs that the software produces corner by corner, looking for opportunities to improve your lap times.

    You should be at least an intermediate level driver. The most important trait that you should possess to get the most out of data is consistency. Below intermediate level you are likely to get more from an instructor riding in the passenger seat. (On which note, after you are signed off for your TT license you still can request an instructor with EMRA, be that for one session or for an entire day.)

    I will be using an AIM Solo I bought last year. It is one of the more affordable data acquisition options at ~$400 retail, and is a very portable and completely self-contained unit which is great for street cars.

    Both Saturday and Sunday are available. I will probably only work with one or at most two people per day, should there be a lot of interest. Please email me at oleg@winhpde.com before the event if you are interested.

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